The "Hive" Our Home

The  Hive  Overhead  View

The "Hive" is a great facility located next to the picturesque Harrington Park Lake. Families can enjoy picnics by the lake with the many covered picnic and BBQ areas.  Everyone can take advantage of the newly renovated foot path around the lake with several fitness stations and playgrounds located around the circuit for a good work out or a leisurely walk.  A new skate park as recently opened about 200 meters down the walk path. There are many amenities including toilets, change rooms, and canteen.

Last updated 17 Mar 2020
Elizabeth Macarthur, Waterworth Drive, Narellan ValeClosed
The "HIVE" Charker Drive, Field #1Closed
The "HIVE" Charker Drive, Field #2Closed
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