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Harrington Park Soccer Club was formed in 2002 by a small group of dedicated local residents who wanted to make soccer/football more accessible to the residents of Harrington Park and surrounding areas. IN 2010 the club was renamed to Harrington United Football Club to take account the development of Harrington Grove and the changing face of Football in Australia. In its inaugural year the club consisted of approximately 40 members which included both junior and senior teams as well as coachers, managers and support staff who were committed in helping to try and drive the club in a direction toward success. They had only one goal in mind and it wasn't to be the biggest but the best, they wanted the Hornets to be the club everybody wanted to be associated with.

As a testament to their continued hard work, the club's community culture and passion for success, the club has now grown to a point that in 2019 we will have over 715 members and 56 teams (26 competing and 30 minis) competing in the MacArthur District Football Association from U6's through Over 45's. IN 2018 our on-field results were our greatest thus far with 9 or our competition teams being crowned either Premiers or Champions, some were both. We were also successful with our 35/45 combined team taking the Men's FA Cup. This is the first time one of our teams have become FA Champions.

We are a community club with continual funding from a licensed club and we also rely heavily on the continual raising of funds to reinvest in playing kits, training equipment, coaching development, facilities development and the cost of ground hire.

Mission Statement

To develop and promote physical activity and positive social interactions for children, and to encourage them to be part of the community through playing the game of football (soccer). In particular with an emphasis on sportsmanship and positive encouragement.

To increase self-esteem and self-importance for children and as a consequence, reduce the likelihood of children participating in anti-social behaviour

Provide an opportunity for those players with natural playing talent to be developed to their full potential before moving to representative levels.

To provide facilities and equipment for training and playing that enhances the football experience for all members.

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